Monday, August 1, 2011

Skin Whiteners with High Mercury Levels

Philippine environmental watchdog EcoWaste Coalition tested 12 brands of skin whiteners - most imported from China - and found out that 11 contain harmful amounts of mercury, exceeding the 1 parts per million mandated by law. Many of the products tested with mercury content of 1,085 to 28,600 ppm. 

The brands are:
 Miss Beauty Magic Cream (28,600 ppm)
Jiaoli 7-Day Specific Eliminating Freckle AB Set Cream (12,400 ppm)
JJJ Magic Spots Removing Cream (9,610 ppm)
Flower Woman 7-Day Whitening and Spot and Night Set Cream (7,754 ppm)
Jiaoli Miraculous Cream (7,665 ppm)
Sara Glutathione Sheep Placenta Whitening and Anti-Spot Cream (6,210 ppm)
Szitang 7-Day Specific Whitening and Spot AB Set Cream (5,886 ppm)
Beauty Girl Natural Olive and Sheep Essence 10-Day Double Whitening Cream (3,638 ppm)
Miss Beauty Excellent Therapy Whitening Cream (2,304 ppm)
Aichun Beauty Green Tea Whitening Speckle Removing Series Cream (1,820 ppm)
and Aichun Beauty Whitening Freckle Day and Night Cream (1,574 ppm)