Monday, September 29, 2008

Update: China Milk Scandal

  • Cadbury recalls 11 brands of sweets made in its China factory, including Cadbury Eclairs, dark and milk chocolate, hazelnut and praline chocolate, dark Chocettes, and products made specially for the Chinese New Year (in February). and Dairy Milk Chocolate
  • Philippines now requires milk companies to disclose source of milk and ingredients used in milk products. Among the products tested by BFAD are Fonterra fruit flavored milk drinks – Anchor Wam! Fruit Milk Drink Mango Magic, Anchor Wam! Fruit Milk Drink Orange Chill, Anchor Wam! Fruit Milk Drink Strawberry Spin
  • Companies in the Philippines, including Nestle and Mars are scrambling to assure their customers about the safety of their products, as consumers cut back on milk product consumption
  • Indonesia found traces of melamine in chocolates and biscuits made in China by Kraft Foods and Mars. Products including Oreo, M&Ms and Snickers have been recalled in that country. 
  • Laos bans China-made milk and milk products 
  • The European Union banned China-made milk products for children
  • There is a report that says 1 in 20 children in Shanghai may have been sicked by the tainted milk
  • More than a dozen Chinese kids in orphanages were also sickened by the tainted milk
  • Lawyers for the tainted milk victims are being told to quit their legals efforts to seek redress from the tragedy


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