Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ground-Up Dead Babies?

I am starting to suspect how many really in China have erectile dysfunction ailments, as  the country seems to be obsessed with anything that can be used to enhance libido, be it rhino horns, sharks fins or some body parts of exotic and endangered animals.

By this really go beyond the pale: China-made drug capsules made from ground-up remains of dead babies and fetuses, allegedly being used to enhance sexual performance. The pills were being smuggled into South Korea, some of which were intercepted by authorities. Apparently the practice comes from the ancient belief that eating the body parts of infants will give special physical strength. 

The dead baby capsules are said to originate from Jilin and Yanji, which is near South Korea, and also from Tianjin and Qingdao.

And we have been worrying about what's in infant formulas. Soylent green? More like Soylent Yellow.

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