Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blacklisted Infant Milk Brands in the Philippines

The Philippine Bureau of Food And Drugs  advises the public to avoid the following infant milk formulas:

Sanlu (Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Inc.)
Panda Baby (Shanghai Panda Dairy Co. Ltd.)
Syrutra (Syrutra International Inc.)
Gucheng (Shanxi Gucheng Dairy Co. Ltd.)
Hero (Jiangxi Bright & Hero Dairy C)
Huimin/HMDP (Baoji Huimin Milk Co. Ltd.)
Mengniu (Mengniu Dairy)
Kocci (Duojiaduo Dairy Industry Tianjin Co. Ltd.)
Yaahili (Guangdong Yashili Group Co. Ltd.)
Nanshan Beiyi (Hunan Peiyi Dairy Co.)
Heilongjiang Qining Dairy Co.)
Yashili (Shanxi Yashili Dairy Co.)
Jinbishi (Shenzhen Jinbishi Milk Co. Ltd.)
Scient (Guangzhou Shien Dairy Co.)
Jinding (Guangzhou Jinding Dairy Co.)
Yili (Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co.)
Ausmeadow (Ausmeadow Nutriment Co. Ltd.)
Suncare (Aikeding, Qingdao Suncare Nutritional Technology Co. Ltd.)
Yubao (Xi'an Baiyue Dairy Co. Ltd.)
Leilei (Yantai Leilei Dairy Products Co. Ltd.)
Baoanli (Shanghai Bao'anli Dairy Co. Ltd.)
Hikid (Fuding Chenguan Dairy Co. Ltd.)

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