Sunday, October 19, 2008

Philippines to Test China Meat Products too

To side with caution, the Philippine National Meat Inspection Commission will also test two China-made canned luncheon meat sold in the country for melamine contamination. The two brands are Maling, made by Shanghai Foods Corp., and Pork Luncheon Meat, manufactured by Cofco Chongging Hechuan Food Industrial Co.

source: INQ

Update: No melamine on the following meat products: 
Argentina corned beef chunky 190 g

Changlong pork luncheon meet 170 g

Great Wall brand premium ham luncheon meat 340 g

Gulong china (Well known mark) pork luncheon meat 340 g

Liberty pork luncheon meat 375 grams

Maling Canned pork luncheon meat 397 g

Maling chunky corned beef 150 g

Maling pork luncheon meat 170 g

Maling pork luncheon 397 grams

Maling premium pork luncheon meat 397 grams

Maling Vienna sausage 140 g

Narcissus brand pork minced with bean paste 185 grams

Narcissus brand premium luncheon meat 397 g

Narcissus brand spiced pork cubes 142 grams

Narcissus brand stewed pork 397 grams

Pure Foods Chinese style luncheon meat 165 grams

Pure Foods corned beef 210 grams

Shanghai brand Chinese luncheon meat (new budget size) 165 grams


Anonymous said...

bobo!!! ang ilagay mo yung tainted products..

Kin Enriquez said...

Mas bobo ka pala eh. The post is about the test, and the update is about the products that passed the test.

Ugok wag ka magbasa ng blogs kung di ka nakakaintindi, gago.

Duwag ka pa na mag comment ng anonymous.